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Design of University Teaching Resources Integration and Optimization Application System Based on Big Data Analysis Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.051


Ping Xia

Corresponding Author

Ping Xia


With the development of informatization teaching reform in colleges and universities, the teaching resources are presented in a wide variety and a huge number of trends, and it is urgent to carry out scientific planning and management. In the massive teaching resources of colleges and universities, how to extract effective data, integrate data, optimize data, share data, and mine data value is a topic worthy of further study. In the context of the era of big data, the application of big data analysis in the field of teaching resource management in colleges and universities also shows a trend of deep integration. In view of this, the paper analyzes the development status of the integration and optimization of teaching resources in colleges and universities, points out the importance of resource integration and optimization, and designs the overall framework and functional modules of the application system to provide valuable information for the management and construction of university teaching resources.


Informatization teaching reform, Big data analysis, Integration and optimization of teaching resources, University teaching resource cloud library