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Performance Management Practice Based on Information Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.050


He Ma

Corresponding Author

He Ma


With the increasing popularity of computers and the continuous enrichment and improvement of network system functions, the wave of informationization has swept the world. The large number of applications of information technology have had a tremendous and profound impact on human resources management, further optimizing management methods and improving management efficiency for enterprises. Provides an excellent opportunity. Nowadays, in the era of knowledge economy, human resources gradually replace traditional material resources and become the core resources for enterprises to acquire core competitive advantages and achieve sustainable development. Therefore, how to rationally use and manage human resources is an important issue for enterprises. This paper first briefly introduces the concept of performance management and performance management informationization, as well as the basic principles of performance management, and puts forward the measures for performance management informationization practice optimization for the problems in the performance management informationization process. The efficient implementation of resource management provides protection.


Informatization, Performance management, Problems, Optimization measures