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The Construction of Teachers' Team of Ideological and Political Courses in Private Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.047


Aifeng Chong, Liang Fan, and Wenbin Liu

Corresponding Author

Aifeng Chong


In recent years, our country attaches great importance to the ideological and political course in colleges and universities, emphasizes that the role of ideological and political course is irreplaceable, and points out that the key to running the ideological and political theory course well lies in the teachers, and the responsibility of the ideological and political teachers is great. There is a shortage of full-time teachers in the construction of teachers' teams in private universities, and the age, gender, education and title structure of the teachers are unreasonable; the construction of the teaching and research integration team is weak; the status of low professional identity is low. In order to carry out the task of building a full-time, combination, sufficient quantity and excellent quality of ideological and political teachers in colleges and universities. It is necessary to expand and optimize the teaching staff; strengthen the teaching and research level of teachers, improve the quality of the team; enhance the professional identity of teachers; and improve the ideological and political level of the teaching staff.


Private colleges and universities, Teachers' team of ideological and political courses, Construction