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In the Perspective of Lifelong Education: Reform of China's Education Management System

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.046


Changcheng Xin, Wenwu Hu, and Chaohu He

Corresponding Author

Chaohu He


If the domestic economy and society want sustainable and rapid development, they need high-quality talent support. As a major social place for cultivating talents and educating talents, if there are problems and loopholes in education management, students will have quality education. The adverse effects are affected. Therefore, the analysis of the policies of the higher education management system can break the limitations of the traditional higher education management system and continuously improve and reform it. At present, China's higher education management system faces many problems, hinders the healthy development of China's higher education, and to a certain extent affects the construction of a lifelong education system. Based on the idea of lifelong education and the influence of lifelong education concept on higher education management system, this paper analyzes the reform of higher education management system under the background of lifelong education from the theoretical perspective.


Lifelong education, Education management system, Reform