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An Empirical Research on the Influencing Factors of College Students' Entrepreneurial Intention

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.045


Yang Liu, Xiaoli Wu, Ziying Zhao, Mingru Zhu, and Chunyan Qiu

Corresponding Author

Mingru Zhu


This paper takes college students as the study objects and studies its entrepreneurial intention. Through questionnaires, interview analysis and other methods, this paper counts a variety of factors that affect college students' entrepreneurial intentions. From the perspective of the external environment of entrepreneurship, there are mainly policy environment, economic environment and cultural environment; From the perspective of college education, it is mainly the effect of college entrepreneurship education on college students' knowledge acquisition, ambition inspiration, consciousness awakening and other aspects; From the individual level of college students, it is mainly the entrepreneurial motivation of college students' entrepreneurship, including economic pursuit, honorary pursuit, self actualization, social contribution, etc. According to the analysis of the influencing factors of college students' entrepreneurial intention, this paper constructs a research model of the influencing factors of entrepreneurial intention, and conducts empirical research on the influencing factors of entrepreneurial intention. The research results provide a strong basis for the development of entrepreneurship education in universities, the government's formulation of entrepreneurial policies, and the support of society for entrepreneurial behavior.


Entrepreneurial intention, College student, Innovation, Entrepreneurship