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On Postgraduates’ English Teaching Status Quo and its Corresponding Strategies

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.042


Chunmei Wu

Corresponding Author

Chunmei Wu


With the globalization, postgraduates are confronted with much severe challenges than ever before. But for some of them, their low English proficiency is the very crucial factor which deteriorates the situation. How to cultivate highly-qualified postgraduates in an effort to make them more competent in the future employment market and how to transform their English teaching become particularly urgent to us scholars and teachers. This paper chiefly explores the status quo of the postgraduate English teaching. Based on the analysis of the existing problems, the paper casts light on the reasons why these problems come into being. According to the experiment and the interview conducted among the students, some feasible suggestions to tackle these problems are put forward.


Postgraduates’ English teaching, Corresponding strategies, Highly-qualified postgraduates