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Current Situation and Reform Suggestions of Teaching Methodology Courses for Preschool Education Major in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.040


Sihong Zhao

Corresponding Author

Sihong Zhao


The major of Preschool Education in colleges and universities undertakes the mission of training high-quality preschool teachers. “Health Education for Preschool Children” plays a vital role in the training of teachers in order to effectively transform the theory of education into the practical ability of education and teaching for students. In view of the insufficiency of teaching practice ability of graduates majoring in Preschool Education in colleges and universities, this paper rethinks the current situation of teaching methodology courses. On the basis of sorting out the problems and exploring the reasons, this paper puts forward some innovative suggestions on the construction of the scientific guarantee mechanism for curriculum implementation, the further deepening of campus-school cooperation and the application of advanced digital technology.


Teaching methodology courses, Reform, Kindergarten-university cooperation, Digital technology