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Study and Practice of Product Design Course Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.036


Pengwen Wang, Yanan Hu, and Huiping Feng

Corresponding Author

Pengwen Wang


In order to better meet the professional talents training program of high-level materials forming and control technology, and adapt to the current social industry development needs, the product design curriculum is reformed. The purpose of the product design curriculum teaching reform is to enable students to apply what they have learned, to implement effective teaching for corporate positions, to closely integrate with production practices, job requirements and social services, to develop reasonable projects, to improve the efficiency of student learning, and to effectively integrate with enterprises. . Reverse engineering and 3D printing are used throughout the product design course to develop a new model for rapid development of new products, thereby enhancing the teaching effect of product design courses and achieving sustainable development of product design courses.


Reverse engineering, 3D printing, Product design, Curriculum reform