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Discussion on the Feasibility of CET4 Guidance Infiltrating into English Teaching under the Background of College Entrance Examination Socialization

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.032


Junling Yan

Corresponding Author

Junling Yan


Due to the globalization of English, English learning is one of university students’ compulsory courses , college English is in order to improve college students' English comprehensive application ability and CET4 is bound to almost the only path that every student must take but too much emphasis on CET4 scores hinder students' English comprehensive application ability. Aiming at the reform of English socialization in college entrance examination, this paper discusses the feasibility of CET4 guidance infiltrating into English teaching so as to improve university students’ comprehensive English application ability.


College entrance examination socialization, CET4 guidance English teaching, The feasibility