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Research on the Role of Skill Competition in Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Computer Majors in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.030


Xuegang Zhang, and Qianwen Li

Corresponding Author

Qianwen Li


With the gradual maturity of education in higher vocational education, higher vocational education has attracted more and more attention from the society. The first impression given by the word "higher vocational" is no longer a forced choice, but a education of skills and the cultivation of skilled talents, and the society is in urgent need of skilled talents. At the same time, due to the expansion led to the situation of university students' employment is becoming increasingly rigorous, every college education mode but the current college students' general lack of innovation ability, thus to strengthen the reform of the creative education in higher vocational colleges. Computer specialty in higher vocational colleges, the author of this paper innovation entrepreneurship education present situation, higher vocational colleges on how to build innovative entrepreneurial education combined with computer class specialized education as one of the model for further research and put forward suggestions and improvement measures.


Skill competition, Computer major, Innovative entrepreneurship, Higher vocational students