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Study on the Countermeasures and Causes of Occupational Burnout of English Teachers in Minority Preparatory School

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.028


Hongxia Dai

Corresponding Author

Hongxia Dai


In order to balance the development of education for all ethnic groups, Chinese leaders of education attach great importance to the preparatory education of ethnic minorities. Minority preparatory English teachers are a special group of teachers. English is a compulsory subject for ethnic students. English teachers in minority preparatory school have made important contributions to providing qualified minority preparatory students for target universities. While making contributions, many minority preparatory English teachers are suffering from job burnout. This paper mainly discusses the causes of occupational burnout of minority preparatory English teachers and the countermeasures to be taken.


Minority preparatory English teacher, Occupational burnout, Countermeasures