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Research on the Chinese Learning Anxiety of Teenagers among New Thai Chinese Immigrants

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.024


Zhongqiao Meng, and Tianyu Wang

Corresponding Author

Tianyu Wang


In recent years, the number of overseas Chinese learners has increased rapidly, and the demand for the effectiveness of Chinese learning has been increasing. The theoretical research and teaching practice of the second language teaching have found that learners’ emotional state has a direct impact on their learning behavior and learning effect. As an important emotional variable restricting the effectiveness of foreign language learning, learners’ learning anxiety has become a research topic in the process of Chinese teaching. As a new group of Chinese learners, the status quo of Chinese learning and learning psychology of new overseas Chinese immigrants are of great significance to the study of Chinese teaching abroad. This paper studies the Chinese learning anxiety of teenagers among new Chinese immigrants in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by means of questionnaires, analyzes the current situation of Chinese learning anxiety and its related factors, and then puts forward corresponding suggestions and countermeasures from the dimensions of Chinese learners and Chinese teachers, with a view to helping the teenagers among new Chinese immigrants improve their Chinese learning anxiety and improve their Chinese learning efficiency, so as to promote the improvement of local Chinese teaching level.


Teenagers among new Chinese immigrants, Chinese learning, Learning anxiety