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Analyses and Solutions of Students’ Reticence in New-Type English Listening and Speaking Classroom in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.018


Haijun Wang, and Guangfei Feng

Corresponding Author

Guangfei Feng


The students’ reticence in English classroom is a long-existed problem in Chinese Universities. Many Chinese scholars did various researches on this phenomenon for the purpose of improving English teaching. With new techniques such as multi-media and internet permeating and being applied in the English classrooms, the phenomenon does not seem to get better but worse, the former researches need to be put forward in order to meet with new situation. This article followed and observed English listening and speaking classrooms assisted by new techniques, collected data via questionnaire and interview among both the teachers and students in order to analyze the cause factors and propose proper solutions for this new situation.


Reticence, English Listening and Speaking, New-type Classroom