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Research on the Application and Trend of Fabric Reconstruction in Contemporary Costume Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.012


Yanan Sun

Corresponding Author

Yanan Sun


With the development of human civilization, clothing is no longer limited to functional satisfaction. People try their best to wrap their bodies with various materials to make them more beautiful. The appearance of clothing is highlighted in the constant change of style, with style as the leading factor, and the matching of fabric decoration and clothing style forms the characteristics of clothing in a certain era. As a kind of garment fabrics of secondary reconstruction design, the use of a variety of handicraft techniques, such as traditional process design hand, method color change, give the secondary reconstruction of garment fabrics with a variety of visual changes, new fabric texture, a distinct tactile shape. The rich and profound artistic language of contemporary designers in the form of artistic expression, combined with deep design concepts and texture of fabrics, bring a good trend to the development of contemporary fashion design. Firstly, this paper gives a brief introduction to the clothing fabric recycling design in fashion design, and expounds the current situation and development trend of clothing fabric recycling design in contemporary fashion design, as well as the application of clothing fabric recycling in contemporary fashion design.


Fashion fabric reconstruction, Fashion design, Application, Trend