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Artificial Intelligence Landscape Design Application Based on University Management

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.011


Xinling Liu

Corresponding Author

Xinling Liu


With the continuous development of urban construction in China, landscape construction has become a basic project to enhance the taste of the city and improve the quality of life of residents. Before the construction of the landscape, using the market management concept, scientific design of the landscape has become a preliminary work to improve the quality of landscape construction. Therefore, the application of management and landscape design in colleges and universities is a trend. Strengthening the combination of landscape design and artificial intelligence from the management of colleges and universities is the key to improving urban landscape design. With the continuous expansion of the landscape design industry and the urgent need for technology, the landscape design industry, as an important pillar of the national economy, has begun to combine university management with artificial intelligence to promote the innovation and structural transformation of landscape design in university management. Bring changes in the form of industry and services. To improve the overall efficiency of decision making and design. Promote a virtuous cycle of the landscape design industry and complete industrial upgrading. This paper will analyze the artificial intelligence in landscape design under university management and explore how to apply artificial intelligence effectively in landscape design.


Market management, Artificial intelligence, Landscape design, Applied research