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College Fees Innovation under the Support of Mobile Internet Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.009


Yanling Shi

Corresponding Author

Yanling Shi


Digital campus construction under the mobile Internet technology is a key project of education informationization, and an important part of school education reform and development. Building a digital campus has become an inevitable trend of modern education. Nowadays, more and more schools regard the digital construction of campus as an important means and strategic choice to promote the leaping development of schools. The college student charging system applies the computer automatic charging management method, which is recognized in the charging of college students, gradually replacing the original manual charging form in colleges and universities. To a certain extent, it highlights the advantages of statistics, intelligence and accurate records, and effectively improves The timeliness and accuracy of the management of college fees. However, there are always certain deficiencies. Therefore, in view of the existing problems, it is necessary to take targeted solutions to better improve the management of college students' fees. This paper analyzes the status quo of college students' payment and the advantages of online payment in college fees, explains the risks and control measures, and explains the mobile Internet technology support under the direct payment of online payment, WeChat payment, public account payment and Alipay payment. The innovative strategy of college fees.


Mobile internet technology, College fees, Digital, Online payment