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Research on the Reform of "Introduction to E-Commerce" Course for Economics and Management Major under the Background of Job Seeking in the Era of "Internet Plus"

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.008


Yuxiang Pan, and Jie Peng

Corresponding Author

Yuxiang Pan


Under the background of "Internet Plus", the employment intention of college students majored in economics and management shows the characteristic of diversification. The number of students who pay attention to the traditional fields of employment and whether they can find a job related to their majors has decreased year by year. In contrast, the Internet industry has gradually become the preferred field of employment for economics and management major students as this field is featured with innovation and high salary. In this context, the course "Introduction to E-Commerce" has also become a compulsory basic course for most economics and management majors. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the product brought along with the development of Internet technology. At present, the Internet applications are undergoing rapid changes, so the theoretical knowledge of electronic commerce needs to be updated quickly. Under the background of "Internet Plus", this paper conducts reform of the course "Introduction to E-commerce" oriented by improving students’ ability of Internet applications, and explores the application of modularized teaching content and diversified teaching methods in the "Introduction to E-commerce" course.


Employment, Students majored in economics and management, "Introduction to E-commerce", Course reform