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The Status Quo and Thinking of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Physical Education Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.002


Yingsong Zhang, and Li Zhuang

Corresponding Author

Li Zhuang


Combining the professional characteristics of disciplines, the goal of innovation and entrepreneurship education in sports colleges is to cultivate the spirit of innovation, hone the quality of entrepreneurship, and master entrepreneurial knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. Implement a hierarchical and popularized and innovative innovation and entrepreneurship education. The teaching content includes the basic quality of entrepreneurship, basic knowledge of entrepreneurship and practice of entrepreneurship training. At the same time, the four-in-one innovation and entrepreneurship education model of “knowledge learning, simulation training, business practice and social service” was constructed, and the model was constructed from the aspects of curriculum setting, teaching methods, training methods and training modes. We have established a management system, teaching system and evaluation system that are integrated with the school management system, matched with professional teaching, and linked to personal interests, to ensure the smooth implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship education.


Sports colleges, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Education status