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The Problems Faced by Private Education at Present

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DOI: 10.25236/icem.2019.001


Jian Huang

Corresponding Author

Jian Huang


Based on the latest macro-level data analysis, this paper reveals the increasingly important position of private education in China's education. Based on the provincial data, this paper also depicts the inter-provincial development differences of various types of private education at all levels. At present, the development of private education is facing a number of important challenges, including improving the supervision of non-profit schools, innovating financial support system and the impact of private schools on educational equity. In recent years, private schools in China have presented some new characteristics and development trends, and have gradually become an important part of China's education. This paper will start with the analysis of regional differences, new development opportunities and policy challenges of private schools in China, and systematically discuss the new features and problems of private schools in China.


Private education, Non-profit schools, Educational equity