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Research on the Teaching of Chinese Art Songs in Vocal Music Teaching Practice in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Curriculum Ideology and Politics

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.067


Qiong Chen

Corresponding Author

Qiong Chen


Vocal music course is one of the important basic and backbone courses for music majors in colleges and universities. At present, most colleges and universities adopt the group teaching mode for vocal music teaching for musicology majors. Music education major, as an important discipline of art in colleges and universities, should focus on grasping the concept of moral education in teaching, profoundly implement the "ideology curriculum", deeply combine the ideology practice with the teaching content, teaching process and comprehensive evaluation of music major, and teach ideology education from the perspective of music professional knowledge to inject new content into the curriculum of music education major. Based on the comprehensive implementation of curriculum ideology work in Colleges and universities across the country, which is an important measure of ideology work in Colleges and universities in the new era, how to effectively implement "curriculum ideology work" in vocal music group class runs through the goal of Building Morality and cultivating people while professional teaching. By strengthening the teachers of music education, realizing the diversification of music teaching and improving students' enthusiasm for music learning, this paper organically combines ideology education with music appreciation education, plays a greater role, and promotes the improvement of students' music interest and ideological quality.


Curriculum and politics, colleges and universities, Chinese vocal music works, teaching practice