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A Brief Talk on the Description Method of Residual Oil in Thick Reservoir

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.003


Li Hai Xu

Corresponding Author

Li Hai Xu


After years of development and adjustment, Xingnan Oilfield has entered the stage of high water-cut development. The main reservoirs are flooded seriously and the remaining oil distribution is complex. The main contradictions of reservoir development are transferred from interlayer and plane contradictions to intralayer contradictions. The heterogeneity of reservoir internal structure is the core geological factor that leads to the complicated watered-out form and residual oil distribution in the later stage of oilfield development. Taking the eastern pure oil area of Xingshi District as the research object, this paper deterNnes the description method of residual oil in thick reservoirs, which provides technical support for the follow-up tapping potential of thick reservoirs.


numerical simulation, parameter assignment, Grid coarsening