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Cultivation and Thinking of College Students' Socialist Core Values Based on Network Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.084


Li Xu

Corresponding Author

Li Xu


The core values of socialism are the important opinions put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the opening of courses in colleges and universities in many meetings. It is an important manifestation of Chinese people's wisdom and three views. With the advent of the Internet information age, although it can effectively solve the learning problems of college students, it will also affect students with insufficient analytical skills and weak discriminating ability to establish the wrong three views. Based on this, this article conducts a series of studies on the cultivation and thinking of college students’ socialist core values under the network environment, clarifies the points of convergence and existing problems between the two, and hopes to provide new research for the cultivation of college students in the new era. Ideas and directions have a stimulating effect on social development and progress.


Network environment, College students, Socialist values, Cultivation and thinking