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Research on Enterprise Financial Risk Management in Financial Innovation Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.079


Chanyuan Liu

Corresponding Author

Chanyuan Liu


Financial innovation is the current economic and social trend, which meets the needs of the development of the market economy. However, as a double-edged sword, it brings economic benefits, and also creates hidden dangers to the global economic environment and the orderly flow of international financial capital. It also makes the financial capital of global enterprises affected by more factors. Changes in domestic and foreign situations and the gradual refinement of financial supervision policies have put forward higher requirements for the management and control of financial risks of major enterprises. This article mainly analyzes the financial innovation environment, locates common financial risks of enterprises, studies the problems existing in the process of corporate risk management, and puts forward corresponding suggestions for the effective management and control of corporate financial risks.


Financial innovation, Business management, Risk management