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Research on Fault Isolation of Virtual Machine Memory Protection

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.027


Chunlei Zhou, Yiwang Luo, Lingchao Gao, Yangqi Yu, Yin Jia, Junni Li, Zhuang Cui

Corresponding Author

Chunlei Zhou


This Paper is on How to Implement Memory Protection Technology and Do More Research on It. One Way to Realize Fault Isolation among Cooperating Software Modules is to Place Each in Its Own Address Space. However, for Tightly-Coupled Modules, This Method Would Be Lead to Context Switch Overhead. to Solve This Problem in Virtual Machine, a Kind of Technology is Introduced, Which Presents a Software Approach to Implementing Fault Isolation within a Single Address Space. It is to Be Checked That This Method is Efficient in Software-Based Fault Isolation, and This Technology Have Been Successfully Applied in an Actual Virtual Machines.


Memory Protection; Fault Isolation; Virtual Machine